Mr M Hulse

We have used Nadins Hydramix for the last five years, mainly with our dairy herd, we have also used it as a single bedding product with our young stock. We spread it by hand directly onto the mats in the cubicles then add sawdust on top.  This helps to keep the beds dry and helps to … Continued

Mr B Rowley

We have been using Nadins Hydramix with our 400 head pedigree Jersy herd for the last 5 years and we are very happy with the product. The cubicles are cleared twice a day, we spread Nadins Hydramix directly onto the bed by hand.  There’s very little dust and it’s quick and easy to apply.  We … Continued

Mr G Clarke

We have open sided sheds which means sawdust just blows off.  Nadins Hydramix sticks to the floor and has provided a solution to this problem for us.

Mrs A Porter

We’ve used Nadins Hydramix for about two years now.  It dries up the beds and we find it keeps the bacteria under control.

Mr F Philipson

It’s our first winter using Nadins Hydramix.  We have found that using iodine teat dip with hydrated lime can cause burning, this does not seem to happen with Nadins Hydramix, it’s a gentler product.

Mr S Britton

We have recently changed to Nadins Hydramix, we have found it is more economical and less dusty.

Mr J Threlkeld

We find Nadins Hydramix helps to keep our cell count down.

Mr & Mrs Wood

We are always working hard to make sure the environment is right for the cows but the working environment needs to healthy for us too, that’s why we’ve changed to Nadins Hydramix, the dust levels are much lower.

J Hird

We have been using the lime lately and are very pleased with it.  We have been using it to bed cubicles, in the hen shed and in the lamb adopters.  The product has been very good and is better than previous lime used.  It is not very dusty, which is always a bonus and is … Continued