Why use Nadins?

Containing carbonates and oxides of lime, Nadins Hydramix has the same pH/strength as hydrated limes. It has lower dust levels and will not burn meaning it can be used in housing at any time.

Benefits of Lime

Effective prevention

Aiding The Control of Disease

A reliable cost-effective biocide and drying agent, Nadins Hydramix improves hygiene by inhibiting bacterial growth and drying up the environment leading to healthier livestock, improved biosecurity, increased yields and profitability.

Package Availability

Available in 25Kg Bags, or 1000 Kg Bulk Bags.

One Product

Multiple applications

For use in cow cubicle, calving pens, loose housing, lambing pens, lambing creeps, poultry/game housing, yards, walkways, around feed & water troughs.

Nadins Hydramix is an absorbent free flowing powder. It can be used on all types of housing mixed with shavings, saw dust or used as a single bedding material.

Why Use

Nadins Hydramix?

Nadins Hydramix is a unique blend of cubicle lime for use in cow cubicles, poultry and stock sheds. Hydramix provides a rapid rise in pH yet is gentle enough not to burn.

100% Natural

For Use In

Cow Cubicles, Poultry & Stock Sheds

Nadins Hydramix is a 100% natural product providing benefits across different livestock and farm applications.

As modern agriculture moves towards an environmentally friendly future, Nadins Hydramix allows bacterial protection without the worry hygiene chemicals bring

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