Isabel Hands

We have found Nadins Hydramix safer to use at the school as the dust levels are much lower. It’s easier to clear up than standard Hydrated Lime, it sweeps up easier and pressure washes off with no problems at all.

Mr I Witter

We use Nadins Hydramix because of the lower dust levels.

Mr S Preece

Nadins Hydramix has helped to reduce our cell count and it does not burn.

Mr T Owen

Using Nadins Hydramix improved our cell count by up to 50 cells last winter.

Mr C Hill

We started using Nadins Hydramix during the Christmas week of 2014, up until this point we were getting 2 cases of mastitis per week, in the following 5 weeks we had no cases, with continued use it has helped to keep cases of mastitis down. We have found it a heavier product than hydrated lime … Continued

Mr S Hope

Nadins Hydramix is safer, better for us and the cows, it’s kinder and it works.

Mr T Noblet

We use it on cow mats to dry them up, we put Nadins Hydramix down first then a good sawdust on top.  Our cell count is now 60-70 it was 100-110.  It’s superb stuff.

R & A Agnew

Nadins Hydramix is a lot cheaper and it does the job.

NJ & N Wilson

Mr Wilson began using Nadins Hydramix after winning the competition for a tonne at the Borderway Dairy Expo Carlisle in 2014, he has continued to use the product and gave us the following testimonial ‘Nadins Hydramix is not as dusty as other lime and it has helped to keep our mastitis levels low’.

William Kenyon

We find Nadins Hydramix has very good absorbency, it compliments sawdust well, provides good bacterial kill and is not irritant.