Tried it by accident, never stopped using it since, its less dusty.

Mr J Proudlove

Backhurst Farm, Nantwich

We have open sided sheds which means sawdust just blows off.  Nadins Hydramix sticks to the floor and has provided a solution to this problem for us.

Mr G Clarke

Brimham Lodge Farm, Harrogate

Nadins Hydramix is a lot cheaper and it does the job.

R & A Agnew

West Duloch Farm, Stranraer

We once changed from Nadins Hydramix to hydrated lime but quickly moved back as it was far too caustic.  We have never had any burning from Nadins Hydramix and find its low dust levels make it easy to work with. As a single bedding material with the young stock it worked well, we had to use a bit more but there were no problems with it.

Mr M Hulse

Old Hall Farm, Stoke-On-Trent

We have recently changed to Nadins Hydramix, we have found it is more economical and less dusty.

Mr S Britton

Whitcliffe Hall Farm, Ripon, Yorkshire

It's our first winter using Nadins Hydramix. We have found that using iodine teat dip with hydrated lime can cause burning, this does not seem to happen with Nadins Hydramix, it's a gentler product.

Mr F Philipson

Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria

We started using Nadins Hydramix during the Christmas week of 2014, up until this point we were getting 2 cases of mastitis per week, in the following 5 weeks we had no cases, with continued use it has helped to keep cases of mastitis down.

Mr C Hill

Hartpury College, Gloucester

Using Nadins Hydramix improved our cell count by up to 50 cells last winter.

Mr T Owen

West Penyllan, Powys

We produce 100% clean raw milk, Nadins Hydramix really helps heard health by keeping the cell count down and bactor scan in check.

H G Robinson & Sons Ltd

Grosmont Wood Dairy, Abergavenny

We like Nadins Hydramix because it doesn't burn the cows teats.

Mrs Turner

Barns Field Farm, Stafford