'Amazing, best product I've ever used.  Very little dust'

Lynch Farms Ltd

Lynch Farms Ltd, Lynch Farms Ltd, Devon

Tried it by accident, never stopped using it since, its less dusty.

Mr J Proudlove

Backhurst Farm, Nantwich

"An excellent product for everyday use, easy to handle"

David A’Bear

, D & G A'Bear Farming Ltd, Knightsmead farm, Wiltshire

Nadins Hydramix is easy to use, it's kind to the skin, we use it daily with no issues with the cows teats. It reduces the bugs in the cubicles and it's reasonably priced.

Clive Breeze

Breeze Farms Ltd, Blaenpibydd, Cilrhedyn, Llanfyrnach

We started using Nadins Hydramix during the Christmas week of 2014, up until this point we were getting 2 cases of mastitis per week, in the following 5 weeks we had no cases, with continued use it has helped to keep cases of mastitis down.

Mr C Hill

Hartpury College, Gloucester

Nadins Hydramix is safer, better for us and the cows, it's kinder and it works.

Mr S Hope

Herd Manager, Yanwath Hall, Penrith, Cumbria

The product has been very good and is better than previous lime used.  It is not very dusty, which is always a bonus and is nice and soft.  Furthermore the bags make it easier to be moved aroud and keep it in good condition.

J Hird

Town Head Farm, Cumbria

Nadins Hydramix doesn't burn, its easy to put down. It keeps our bactoscan and somatic cell count low. We have also started using it in our enclosed lamb creeps and have found that it has kept scald and foot rot at bay.

Jill Jerman

Wernddu Farm, Powys

We are always working hard to make sure the environment is right for the cows but the working environment needs to healthy for us too, that's why we've changed to Nadins Hydramix, the dust levels are much lower.

Mr & Mrs Wood

Allerby Mill Farm, Maryport, Cumbria

We like Nadins Hydramix because it doesn't burn the cows teats.

Mrs Turner

Barns Field Farm, Stafford

We use Nadins Hydramix because of the lower dust levels.

Mr I Witter

Whitehall Farm, Sandbach

'We are using Nadins Hydramix with both the dairy cows and in the horse stables.  In the cubicles it dries up the beds and keeps mastitis cases down.  In the stables we are using it as an alternative to Jeyes Fluid as Nadins Hydramix dries us the environment with out adding to the dampness.  We are using it underneath the straw and sawdust, we find it helps to keep odours down and absorbs the moisture'

EJ & BM Roberts

EJ & BM Roberts, Taly Fan Farm, Pontraddulais

"We have mats with the main bedding of chopped straw, we needed something to keep the beds dry. We use Nadins Hydramix every day, we have a wheelbarrow and feed scoop and fling it across the beds it only takes a few minutes to do 135 cubicles, Nadins Hydramix keeps the beds dry. Last winter was the first year we had used Hydramix and our bacter scan was definitly better"

Mr I Green

, Bedchester Farm, Nr Shaftsbury, Dorset.

We have open sided sheds which means sawdust just blows off.  Nadins Hydramix sticks to the floor and has provided a solution to this problem for us.

Mr G Clarke

Brimham Lodge Farm, Harrogate

Using Nadins Hydramix improved our cell count by up to 50 cells last winter.

Mr T Owen

West Penyllan, Powys

'We've been using Nadins Hydramix for three years, it's a nicer product to use than hydrated lime, not too much dust'

John Phillips

John Phillips, Great Molleston, Narberth, Pembrokeshire

Nadins Hydramix is helping to reduce mastitis in our herd

Ed Evans

Bourne Farm, Dingestow, Monmouth

We have found it is not as dusty as other lime.

Mr R Downes

Upper Farm, Shrewsbury

We produce 100% clean raw milk, Nadins Hydramix really helps heard health by keeping the cell count down and bactor scan in check.

H G Robinson & Sons Ltd

Grosmont Wood Dairy, Abergavenny

It's our first winter using Nadins Hydramix. We have found that using iodine teat dip with hydrated lime can cause burning, this does not seem to happen with Nadins Hydramix, it's a gentler product.

Mr F Philipson

Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria

We once changed from Nadins Hydramix to hydrated lime but quickly moved back as it was far too caustic.  We have never had any burning from Nadins Hydramix and find its low dust levels make it easy to work with. As a single bedding material with the young stock it worked well, we had to use a bit more but there were no problems with it.

Mr M Hulse

Old Hall Farm, Stoke-On-Trent

'Best product we have found to keep our animals comfortable and dry.  Mixed with sawdust it's a great combination'

Mr A House & Son

A House & Son, Downbarn Farm, Mosterton

We've used Nadins Hydramix for about two years now.  It dries up the beds and we find it keeps the bacteria under control.

Mrs A Porter

Angerton Hall Farm, Kirkby-in-Furness, Cumbria

We have found Nadins Hydramix safer to use at the school as the dust levels are much lower. It's easier to clear up than standard Hydrated Lime, it sweeps up easier and pressure washes off with no problems at all.

Isabel Hands

Warriner School Farm, Banbury

We use it on cow mats to dry them up, we put Nadins Hydramix down first then a good sawdust on top.  Our cell count is now 60-70 it was 100-110.  It's superb stuff.

Mr T Noblet

Whin Yeats Dairy, Cumbria

'We used to use hydrated lime, if the cows teats were wet it caused cracking and soreness, we have not had any problems like that with Nadins Hydramix'

Heffin Harries

Heffin Harries, Maesnonni, Carmarthenshire

We find Nadins Hydramix helps to keep our cell count down.

Mr J Threlkeld

Beyond The Moss, Penton, Carlisle, Cumbria

We have recently changed to Nadins Hydramix, we have found it is more economical and less dusty.

Mr S Britton

Whitcliffe Hall Farm, Ripon, Yorkshire

Nadins Hydramix is not as irritant as hydrated lime. There's much less dust and its not as harsh for us when we are using it.

Mr Hayes

Locko Lane Farm, Chestefield

Nadins Hydramix is not as dusty as other lime and it has helped to keep our mastitis levels low.

NJ & N Wilson

Gate Farm, Wigton

We would recommend Nadins Hydramix as a practical, cost effective bedding to other farmers.

Mr B Rowley

Farm Manager, White Oaks Farming, Part of GLW

We find Nadins Hydramix is easy to use, it's kinder than other liming products and it sticks to the bed well.

Phil Le Maistre

Master Farms, Westlands Farm, Jersey

'Nadins Hydramix is cheap and provides better hygiene for the lambing and calving pens'

Sam Duffy

Sam Duffy, Cefngilfach, Llandisul

Nadins Hydramix is a lot cheaper and it does the job.

R & A Agnew

West Duloch Farm, Stranraer