Lynch Farms Ltd

‘Amazing, best product I’ve ever used.  Very little dust’

Mr A House & Son

‘Best product we have found to keep our animals comfortable and dry.  Mixed with sawdust it’s a great combination’

EJ & BM Roberts

‘We are using Nadins Hydramix with both the dairy cows and in the horse stables.  In the cubicles it dries up the beds and keeps mastitis cases down.  In the stables we are using it as an alternative to Jeyes Fluid as Nadins Hydramix dries us the environment with out adding to the dampness.  We … Continued

Heffin Harries

‘We used to use hydrated lime, if the cows teats were wet it caused cracking and soreness, we have not had any problems like that with Nadins Hydramix’

Sam Duffy

‘Nadins Hydramix is cheap and provides better hygiene for the lambing and calving pens’

John Phillips

‘We’ve been using Nadins Hydramix for three years, it’s a nicer product to use than hydrated lime, not too much dust’